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Keyboard Language: UK English /Color: Black /Keyboard Backlit: No /Keyboard Frame: None
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Compatible models of this Laptop Keyboard (for your reference Only):

ThinkPad R500 / ThinkPad Z60m / ThinkPad R61 / ThinkPad R61e / ThinkPad R61i / ThinkPad R60 / ThinkPad R60e / ThinkPad R400 / ThinkPad R60i / ThinkPad T400 / ThinkPad T500 / ThinkPad T60 / ThinkPad T60p / ThinkPad T61 / ThinkPad T61p / ThinkPad W500 / ThinkPad W700 / ThinkPad W701 / ThinkPad Z61e

Keyboard Language:
UK English

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